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January 14, 2024

A 'StoryBrand One-Liner' summarizes a brand's offerings by narrating the problem, solution, and reward in a single sentence, going beyond a simple slogan.

The 'StoryBrand One- Liner', a concept popularized by Donald Miller, serves as a concise yet comprehensive encapsulation of a brand's offerings.

It's more than a slogan; it's a narrative compacted into a sentence that covers the problem, the solution, and the reward.

If you're already familiar with the StoryBrand framework [ read it here: ] let's explore how to effectively write a one-liner using real-world examples to guide you.

Understanding the Core Concept

At its core, the StoryBrand one-liner is about clarity and resonance. It's a single sentence that succinctly addresses three critical aspects:

1. The Problem:

Identify the primary challenge or pain point that your audience faces.

The problem is what makes the one-liner relatable and grabs attention.

2. The Solution:

What is your offering? The way your product or service resolves the identified problem

3. The Reward:

Highlight the positive outcome that results from using your solution. It's the promise of a better scenario.

Crafting Your One-Liner: Steps and Considerations:

1. Research and Empathy:

Begin by deeply understanding your target audience. What are their struggles, fears, and aspirations? Empathy is critical here.

2. Simplicity and Clarity:

Your one-liner should be easy to understand. Avoid industry jargon and complex language.

3. Benefit-Oriented:

Focus on how your solution improves lives. People are more interested in benefits than features.

4. Emotionally Engaging:

Use emotive language to connect on a human level. Your one-liner should not just convey information but also evoke feelings.

5. Iterative Process:

Draft multiple versions. Test them with a sample audience. Gather feedback and refine.



Problem: Keeping track of various notes and information takes time and effort.

Solution: Evernote offers a versatile platform to organize notes, lists, and ideas.

Reward: Users enjoy an organized, streamlined, and more productive life.

Example One-Liner: Evernote turns information chaos into an organized workspace, making you more productive and stress-free.

Dollar Shave Club:

Problem: Buying razors is often expensive and inconvenient.

Solution: Dollar Shave Club provides affordable, high-quality razors delivered to your door.

Reward: Customers save money and enjoy the convenience of home delivery.

Example One-Liner: Dollar Shave Club delivers top-notch shaving gear to your door, saving you time and money on grooming essentials.


Problem: Finding unique, affordable travel accommodation takes a lot of work.

Solution: Airbnb offers a platform for renting unique homes around the world.

Reward: Travelers experience unique stays that are often more affordable than hotels.

Example One-Liner: Airbnb connects you with unique homes worldwide, offering unforgettable travel experiences without breaking the bank.

Tips for Perfection:

Be Concise:

The one-liner should be brief. Aim for no more than 25 words.

Use Active Voice:

Make the sentence more dynamic and direct.

Align with Brand Voice:

Ensure that the tone of your one-liner matches your overall brand personality.

Utilizing Your StoryBrand One-Liner: Where and How to Use It

Make the StoryBrand one-liner a central element of your brand's communication strategy.

Firstly, your website:

It should be one of the first things visitors see, ideally near the top of your homepage. It helps set the tone and clarifies your value proposition immediately.

Marketing materials:

Whether digital or print, the one-liner summarizes your offer briefly, making it perfect for brochures, flyers, and email headers.

Social media platforms

Another crucial place to include is your bio sections and post captions to reinforce brand identity.

Networking events and Elevator pitches:

It's an impactful way to introduce your brand in a memorable, concise manner. Lastly, don't overlook

Internal use:

Use it in your office, training materials, and meetings to keep everyone aligned with your brand's core message.

Consistent use of your one-liner across these platforms ensures a cohesive, clear brand message, making your business more relatable and memorable to your audience.

The StoryBrand one-liner is a concise narrative of your brand's value proposition.

You can make a lasting and impactful impression by clearly communicating the problem you solve, the solution you offer, and the benefits you deliver.

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