Why first impressions aren't everything

Roger Attlee
Posted on
March 15, 2023

First impressions. No matter what anyone tells you, they're not everything. Especially when it comes to your brand. Do you know what everything is? Consistency.

Consistency. It's how the best brands keep their audience coming back repeatedly.

In today's digital landscape, breaking through the noise is increasingly difficult. With competition across many channels, how do today's audiences decide where to direct their attention? It ultimately comes down to personally aligning with a company's values.

Your brand is built from carefully chosen elements. This includes visual aspects and the mission and values that define your company's purpose. These values should align with the audiences you aim to reach.

As your brand presence takes shape across many platforms, inconsistencies in those brand elements will directly undermine their impact.

Brand consistency builds a strong foundation from which audiences can better understand a company. The result is brand trust, loyalty, and, ultimately, the driving force of repeat business.

How to employ Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is core to how your strategy creates a unified experience for target audiences to build lifelong customers and engagement based on brand trust.

A cohesive strategy includes every branch of an organization and permeates a brand's daily activities.

To create brand consistency, you must establish a clear and uniform image, message, and voice for your brand across all channels. Here are some steps to help you create brand consistency:

1. Define your brand's purpose:

Before establishing a consistent brand, you must define what it stands for and what values it represents. This will help you create messaging and visuals that align with your brand's overall purpose and values.

2. Develop a brand style guide:

A brand style guide outlines your brand's visual and messaging elements. It includes guidelines on using your brand's logo, typography, colours, tone of voice, and other visual elements. The style guide ensures consistency across all channels and helps maintain a unified brand identity.

3. Use consistent messaging:

Develop a consistent message across all channels, including your website, social media, and other marketing materials. This messaging should be aligned with your brand's purpose and values and communicated clearly and concisely.

4. Use consistent visuals:

Use the same visual elements across all marketing channels, such as logos, colours, and typography. This ensures that your brand is easily recognizable and reinforces your brand identity.

5. Train employees:

Ensure all employees understand your brand's purpose and values and are trained to use the brand style guide and messaging consistent across all channels.

6. Monitor and adjust:

Regularly monitor your brand across all channels to ensure that it remains consistent. Make adjustments as needed to maintain a strong brand identity and message.

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