Top 10 Rebrands for 2023

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December 10, 2023

From historic institutions to tech giants, these top 10 rebrands in 2023 have refreshed their visual identities and redefined their brand stories.

2023 has been a remarkable year for transformative and innovative rebrands across various industries.

From historic institutions to tech giants, these top 10 rebrands have refreshed their visual identities and redefined their brand stories, aligning with contemporary trends and audience expectations.

We dive into each of these rebrands, exploring the creative nuances, strategic decisions, and the impact these changes have had on their respective markets.

Let's uncover the stories behind these significant brand metamorphoses that have set new benchmarks in the world of branding.



January 2023

Eurostar rebrand by DesignStudio
Eurostar rebrand by DesignStudio

Eurostar's rebrand by DesignStudio merges the rail giants Eurostar and Thalys under the new brand idea "Spark New." The new identity focuses on connecting people through train travel and symbolizes sparking new experiences and opportunities.

Key elements include a dynamic, flexible "Spark" graphic device and a refreshed colour palette featuring punchy blue and deep navy.

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Prime Video

February 2023

Prime Video Rebrand by Pentagram

Pentagram rebranded Prime Video, using the "dimple" of the Amazon smile as a dynamic element moving viewers through content.

The rebrand includes a new typeface, Prime Video Sharp, and playful symbols, "Iconics," representing various genres.

The rebrand aims to position Prime Video distinctively within the crowded streaming landscape.

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February 2023

Koto's rebrand for WhatsApp
Koto's rebrand for WhatsApp

Koto Studio's rebrand of WhatsApp emphasizes the brand's role as a secure, intimate communication tool.

The rebrand features a product-led palette and modular wayfinding, simplifying the brand to connect universally with its global audience.

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March 2023

An in-house branding effort by team 7Up
An in-house branding effort by team 7Up

PepsiCo's rebrand of 7Up focuses on the brand's uplifting nature. The redesign keeps the core elements but adds dynamic energy with brighter green and a 3D effect.

It also emphasizes the "up" in the logo, enhancing its digital and physical presence.

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March 2023

Lipincott rebrands NOKIA
Lipincott rebrands NOKIA

Lippincott rebranded Nokia to emphasize its role as a B2B tech leader.

The new logo reflects Nokia's heritage and its current focus on networking technology and the cloud.

The rebrand includes a digital-first identity with a kaleidoscopic colour palette.

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March 2023

A rebrand by Pepsi in collaboration with Mrs&Mr

PepsiCo's in-house team and Mrs&Mr agency updated Pepsi's logo and visual identity to reflect its ties to pop culture and bold character. The rebrand includes a new all-caps wordmark, vibrant colours, and a focus on digital and physical integration.

Apart from the logo change, Pepsi's rebrand also introduced a "dynamic ribbon," a design element that adds fluidity and motion to the brand's visual identity.

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National History Museum

July 2023

Pentagram rebrands the National History Museum
Pentagram rebrands the National History Museum

The Natural History Museum underwent a significant identity overhaul with a new brand that fosters engagement and advocacy for the planet.

The rebrand features a circular NHM symbol and a three-colour sunburst that signifies universal natural connections.

The museum positions itself as a pioneer in science and advocacy with a vibrant colour palette and dynamic motion inspired by nature.

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August 2023

Wolff Olins reimagines LG
Wolff Olins reimagines LG

LG has undergone a rebrand, conceptualized by Wolff Olins, to make technology more appealing.

It features a fun campaign, refreshing the 'Life's Good' slogan with animated characters.

LG now positions itself as a "smart life solutions company," expanding beyond home appliances. The campaign features Joy and Ryder, incorporating Korean cultural elements.

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October 2023

Bulletproof Rebranding for Toblerone
Bulletproof Rebranding for Toblerone

Toblerone teamed up with Bulletproof to revamp its brand story and visual identity.

The bolder logo features off-centred counters and thick bases on the letter "E."

The packaging design was updated with a vibrant blue shadow and a reworked Matterhorn illustration. Toblerone's new brand purpose celebrates uniqueness and ingenuity, and a new DTC e-commerce website now offers customization options for packaging with bold designs.

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November 2023

Uncommon Studio rebrands SiriusXM
Uncommon Studio rebrands SiriusXM

SiriusXM has undergone a brand refresh by Uncommon Creative Studio.

The new identity features a refined wordmark, logo, and vibrant colours inspired by astronomical connections.

This aligns with their focus on expanding streaming and podcasts, emphasizing top-tier content and entertainment. Source

The impact of a thoughtfully crafted brand refresh can be profound and far-reaching. Our selection, though carefully curated, is just a glimpse into the vast and vibrant world of brand transformations.

Do you have a favourite rebrand from 2023 that we overlooked? You may have stumbled upon a hidden gem in the branding universe that deserves recognition. We warmly invite you to share your picks and perspectives with us. Your input is invaluable.

Additionally, if you're contemplating a rebrand for your business or organization, consider this an invitation to collaborate. Our team is passionate about crafting distinctive and enduring brand identities. Together, we can transform your vision into a compelling brand story.

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