Internal or External Brand Strategy Development

Posted on
January 15, 2024

Developing a robust brand strategy is pivotal for any organization. Whether to develop this strategy internally or hire a branding agency depends on various factors, including resources, expertise, and specific needs.

Developing a robust brand strategy is pivotal for any organization. Whether to develop this strategy internally or hire a branding agency depends on various factors, including resources, expertise, and specific needs.

But we have a favorable solution that has worked wonders for most clients. Keep reading to discover more.

Let's first explore the pros and cons of each approach.

1. Internal Brand Strategy Development:


1. Deep Knowledge:
Internal teams possess a profound understanding of the company's culture, history, and products/services.

2. Cost-Effectiveness:
Typically more budget-friendly than outsourcing.

3. Control:
Offers complete oversight over the branding process, ensuring alignment with company values and confidentiality.


1. Limited External Insight:
May lack the broader market perspective and specialized skills a branding agency offers.

2. Resource Intensive:
Can divert attention and resources from other essential business operations.

3. Potential Bias:
Internal teams might have inherent biases, impacting objectivity in brand evaluation.

2. Hiring a Branding Agency:


1. Specialized Expertise:
Agencies bring specialized skills and extensive experience in brand strategy development.

2. Fresh Perspective:
Offers an external viewpoint, crucial for uncovering unique opportunities and challenges.

3. Efficiency:
Capable of developing and implementing a brand strategy more swiftly than an internal team.


1. Higher Cost:
Generally more expensive than an in-house approach.

2. Reduced Control:
Less day-to-day oversight compared to managing an internal team.

3. Communication Hurdles:
Requires strong coordination and alignment between the organization and the agency for successful execution.

According to our clients' valuable feedback, the hybrid option is the most favorable as it combines the benefits of both alternatives. Let's take a closer look at it.

3. Hybrid Brand Strategy Development:


1. Balanced Expertise:
Merges in-depth internal knowledge with the specialized skills of an external agency.

2. Cost and Resource Efficiency:
More budget-friendly than full outsourcing while benefiting from professional expertise.

3. Comprehensive Perspective:
Integrates the familiarity of the internal team with the innovative viewpoints of external experts.


1. Collaboration Challenges:
Necessitates seamless communication and collaboration, which can be complex.

2. Resource Demands:
Still requires significant internal team involvement alongside external collaboration.

3. Complex Decision-Making:
Increased stakeholders can lead to more intricate decision processes.

In conclusion, the choice between internal, external, or a hybrid approach for brand strategy development should align with your organization's strategic goals, budget, expertise, and branding complexity.

A hybrid approach, combining internal resources with an external agency's expertise, can offer a balanced solution, maximizing both worlds' strengths while mitigating each approach's limitations.

The key is to ensure effective communication and alignment of goals across all teams involved.

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