Brand Purpose. The holy grail of Brand Strategy.

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October 8, 2023

Crafting a brand that deeply resonates with its audience necessitates a strategic and purposeful approach. It revolves around shaping a distinctive identity that mirrors the organization's core values, mission, and, most importantly, purpose.

Branding transcends the mere creation of a logo or a catchy tagline; it embodies the entirety of customers' interactions with the brand, from the initial encounter to the ultimate purchase.

Effective branding hinges on unwavering consistency, boundless creativity, and genuine authenticity in every facet of the business – be it in the messaging, visual elements, or customer service experience.

When executed with finesse, branding has the potential to forge a profound emotional connection with the audience, surpassing the boundaries of a transactional exchange.

This emotional resonance fosters not just brand loyalty but an advocacy that stems from a genuine belief in the brand's purpose.

In this endeavour, Simon Sinek's transformative "What, How, Why" framework emerges as a guiding light, leading businesses toward creating a purpose-driven brand identity that delves beneath the surface, connecting with the audience on a profound level.

The "What, How, Why" called Golden Circle Framework by Simon Sinek

Sinek's concept, elegantly encapsulated in his book "Start with Why," distills the essence of impactful branding into three fundamental elements:


The "What" epitomizes a brand's core offerings – its tangible products or services. The foundational aspect represents the features and functionalities that define what the company provides to its customers.


The "How" delves into the distinctive processes and values that differentiate a brand from its competitors. It encompasses the unique strategies, methodologies, and principles that shape the brand's approach to delivering its offerings.


The "Why" serves as the soul of the brand, delving into the deeper purpose, beliefs, and raison d'être behind its existence. It transcends mere profit-making, embodying the emotional connection that resonates profoundly with customers.

Applying the framework

To infuse a brand with a compelling sense of purpose and value, the strategic application of the "What, How, Why" framework is essential:

Define Your "What"

Begin by gaining a deep understanding of your products or services. Uncover their unique features and benefits, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of your brand's offerings. Effectively communicate your "What" through your branding and marketing efforts.

Articulate Your "How"

Identify and convey the distinctive methods, processes, or values that drive your brand. Your "How" should mirror your brand's personality, creating a unique identity that sets you apart in the market.

Discover Your "Why"

Uncover the profound reason for your brand's existence – the values, beliefs, or causes that extend beyond profit margins. Your "Why" should resonate emotionally, forging an authentic connection with your target audience.

Align "Why" with Brand Purpose

Harmonize your "Why" with your brand's purpose. Integrate it seamlessly into every aspect, from product development to marketing campaigns. Let your purpose embody the very essence of your "Why."

Communicate Your "Why" Effectively

Your "Why" should be at the heart of your brand messaging. Utilize the art of storytelling and emotional connection to convey your brand's purpose and values. It's not just about what you sell; it's about the positive impact you create in the world.

The Apple Example:

It's more than just their cutting-edge products. At the core of Apple's success lies a profound understanding of the 'What, How, and Why,' a framework popularized by Simon Sinek.

By delving into these fundamental questions, we unravel the essence of Apple's identity – the 'What' encompassing its products, the 'How' defining its unique approach, and the 'Why' fueling its mission.


Apple designs and sells consumer electronics, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, and software like iOS and macOS. Their 'What' is the range of beautifully crafted and innovative devices that have become iconic in the tech industry.


Apple seamlessly integrates hardware and software, creating an intuitive and user-friendly user experience. Their products are known for their minimalist design, attention to detail, and cutting-edge technology.

The company invests heavily in research and development, ensuring its products meet and exceed user expectations. Apple's 'How' is characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.


Here's where Apple truly shines. Their 'Why' goes beyond making computers and gadgets. Apple believes in challenging the status quo, thinking differently, and empowering individuals.

They want to provide tools (their products) that enable people to unleash their creative potential. Apple's 'Why' is about creating a user experience transcending the ordinary, sparking creativity and innovation. Their commitment to this cause has garnered a loyal fan base that believes in their mission.

In essence, Apple's 'What' is its range of products, its 'How' is the seamless integration and innovation, and its 'Why' is about empowering individuals to think differently and be creative.

This clarity of purpose and their ability to communicate it effectively has played a significant role in Apple's success as a brand.

The Power of "What, How, Why" in Brand Building

Simon Sinek's "What, How, Why" framework isn't just a strategy; it's a philosophy. It's about creating more than a brand; it's about fostering a movement.

By emphasizing the "Why" and aligning it with your brand's purpose, you cultivate connections with customers who share your beliefs. This depth of connection fosters brand loyalty inspires advocacy, and ultimately drives sustainable business success.

The Inaugural Step in Crafting a Purposeful Brand Strategy

The "What, How, Why" framework is the foundational cornerstone of the intricate tapestry of brand building.

It isn't just a step; it's the genesis of a brand's identity. Defining your "What, How, and Why" isn't merely a process; it's initiating a brand's journey toward purpose and authenticity.

By embracing these elements, brands transform from mere entities into purposeful movements, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of consumers.

This, indeed, is the inaugural step in crafting a brand strategy that isn't just about business; it's about making a meaningful difference in the world.

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